February 13, 2012

#30: AT&T Fees, Multi-Monitors

We catch up on some news, including new password leaks by multiple companies, Syrian officials’ lame-ass passwords (12345? Really?), and Kodak’s exit from the world of digital cameras. We note the oft-overlooked versioning features in Google Docs. We run down some new fees and changes to AT&T mobile users’ accounts. And we answer Gizmodo’s recent question: How many monitors is too many?


One Response to "#30: AT&T Fees, Multi-Monitors"
  1. Adam says:

    As far as poodcasts go, I have way too many in my RSS feed, and I find that I prefer to have them played in chronological order, I actually prepend all the podcasts with the date of release. Like so: 2012.02.13-ModernGeek-30.mp3 Because I have so many casts that I listen to, getting them in order by date keeps me (usually) only about a week or 2 behind.


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