September 16, 2011

#5: Voicemail Show

You called, and we respond! Since we didn’t have time to address all your (awesome) calls in this week’s main episode, we added this bonus voicemail show. Highlights: We describe some of the technical magic that automatically strips, converts, and positions the voicemails that come in to all the various GWC podcast. We hear MG listener Barb’s take on tea — and tell you about the thoughtful (and tasteful) gift we received this week from Adagio. We address the question of Windows vs. iOS vs. Android for non-powerusers. We discover that some families need color printing and ponder cheap (and painfully expensive) color printer options. And uber-geek Shooter digs into the iPad┬ácapitative┬átouch screen specs and tells us how they might affect the design of iPad styluses. Thanks again for calling in your killer thoughts and questions!


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