September 11, 2011

#2: (censored) Van Patten

We party’d down this week, so much so that jackass Chuck forgot to start the recording and lost the first 10 minutes of the ‘cast. So if you were listening live, you got the “special edition” version where Chuck shot first. This week’s Eff This Week crew: Chuck, Audra, Juan, and Abigail (whom you might know from the introduction to D&D segment she recorded with Audra on the GWC ‘cast). Highlights: We fcuk with the UStream censor bot discovering dozens of ways to beat the system, including spacing, Napster-style character swaps, and creative circumlocution. (No, really. Google it.)


2 Responses to "#2: (censored) Van Patten"
  1. Jonolobster says:

    I’m pretty sure you all repeated some inappropriate things that I typed in the chat (Shawl of Schlongs, anyone?) so I finally feel like a true GWCer!

  2. Evolutiongirl says:

    Throwing out a topic idea for Thursday… If you’re not planning to covering it on the regular cast, we could talk about fall tv and what we’re all looking forward to! I promise to come prepared. 🙂

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