September 5, 2011

#3: G+ Hangout/Skype Best Practices, IngenuiTEA Review

We run down some new news on the GameStop coupon fiasco front. We present some technical ideas and best practices for not being “that guy” (who always screws up the fun — or productivity — for everyone) on Google Plus hangouts and Skype conference calls. We review Adagio’s IngenuiTEA, a cheap and easy way to make high-quality loose-leaf tea. And we take a listener call asking about iPad styluses (stylii?).


One Response to "#3: G+ Hangout/Skype Best Practices, IngenuiTEA Review"
  1. Ilya Kreymerman says:

    Thanks for the great (and loquacious) review of the ingenuiTEA teapot. We are really happy to hear how much you like the teapot as well as the loose teas 🙂

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