August 30, 2011

#4: This One Time at Space Camp

We contemplate the Astraeus assignments in this week’s episode This One Time at Space Camp. We muse on Aaron Douglas’ awesome camp counselor credentials. And we delve into the casting of Joe Morton as Henry and what it’s meant to the show, wonder who will finally give Wil Wheaton a non-dick role (though he does a beautiful job here), and why science specifics aren’t critical to Eureka.

2 Responses to "#4: This One Time at Space Camp"
  1. Jake says:

    I wanted to point out there are elderly in Eureka in in Dr Nobel.

  2. jj says:

    I loved this episode! All of the various references, LOST, MONTY PYTHON etc… Also, the guy who played Jo’s Dad is in fact, Nico Cortez who played HUSKER in RAZOR and the RAZOR flashbacks, but they did not go with him for BLOOD AND CHROME. They recast it with a younger actor because it takes place before the RAZOR flashback era. I’m sad this show is going away after season 5.

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