August 26, 2011

#1: Bloobs and Cockburn

It’s our inaugural live podcast, and what a great time we had. About 40 people joined via UStream and more via Twitter. This week’s Eff This Week crew: Chuck, Audra, and Juan. Highlights: Chuck sings, briefly (and vaginas snap shut around the world). We heckle the UStream Bot. We discover that Chuck calls his “hammer” My Little Pony. Juan turns us on to My Little Pony Top Gear. We bag on the sonic lipstick and the Summer’s Eve commercials from the ’80s (“Do you ever feel not so fresh?”). And we all (Audra included) express our undying lust for Olivia Wilde.


One Response to "#1: Bloobs and Cockburn"
  1. The Operator says:

    Boobs, Cockburn and Olivia Wilde….just some OSSIM right there

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