August 17, 2011

#2: Of Mites and Men

We discuss this week’s awesome Eureka episode Of Mites and Men. And we take our first listener call, which outlines some of the many sponsors of Eureka and offers some ideas as to how those who enjoy the show can encourage them to offer continued support.


2 Responses to "#2: Of Mites and Men"
  1. Shooter says:

    Here’s the commercials from the 22 Aug 2011 episode:

    1st Commercial break
    Medi weight loss clinic (local)
    McDonalds Smoothies

    2nd Commercial break
    Shark Night in 3D
    iPhone4 – Facetime
    The Home Depot – DIY projects

    3rd Commercial Break
    iPhone 4 AT&T talk & surf at the same time
    Subaru hockey commercial
    Dyson Vacuum
    Progressive “Best Day” commercial

    4th Commercial Break
    Subaru high School Reunion
    Local commercial – Cadillac
    Local commercial – Time Warner
    Local Commercial – Cadillac

    5th Commercial Break
    Brought to you by Tums
    My Tide
    Tide Sport
    Sabaru hockey
    Menards (local)
    Time Warner (local)

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