August 15, 2011

#1: Back to School, Back to Work

We walk you through the process of selecting a large mobile device, answering the questions: Netbook or tablet? Tablet or reader? We discuss Google’s purchase of Motorola’s mobile division and what it might mean to the smartphone (and possibly computer) biz. And we take a close look at Canon’s killer point-and-shoot camera, the PowerShot S95.


4 Responses to "#1: Back to School, Back to Work"
  1. photonutz says:

    The S95 is great, but you should seriously look at the Fuji X100. It runs circles around the S95 as far as a photographic tool is concerned.

    • Chuck says:

      Indeed. I should have mentioned that my budget was < $500, which eliminated the (thoroughly awesome) X100. Or better yet I should have punched you in via Skype to do the segment with us. Live and learn, right? It was our first episode. 🙂

      • Samurai Jack says:

        I really enjoyed the cast. You might also check out the Panasonic Lumix line of cameras. My wife and I recently purchased a FH-25. I was throughly impressed with the photo quality. Especially for those on a budget. It is a great little camera and it seems to have a lot of the same options as the camera you described.

      • photonutz says:

        Well I don’t use Skype lol! But definitely call me on the segment in question on my cell I’ll PM you my number

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