Snowblowers, Wine Coolers and William Shatner

When we say we are the friendliest frakin' people in scifi we mean it. We are a community of people who respect each other, share with each other and have fun with each other. We are clever, we are occasionally insightful and almost always hi-larious. One perfect example of our friendly hivemind leaping into action happened over two years ago on Twitter and interestingly involved of all things: kidnapping a snowblower.

Thanks to Apollymy for taking the time to capture and share the Twitter conversation in its entirety. Her post and follow-up comments can be found here. She recalls "While Thot was out of town, Topgun decided to lead a mission to steal his beloved snowblower. The entire debacle was recorded on Twitter."

TopgunGWC btw, laying sinister plan to kidnap and ransom Belloq's...Thot's... snowblower while he's away!! Who's with me ??!
rachel1975@ TopgunGWC I'm in! How much should we ask for?
TopgunGWC One billion dollars
TopgunGWC Rachel will handle disarming the perimeter systems;Tray, intel and sat. imagery; Badger will provide diversion, and bkitty exit transport.
TopgunGWC And judging by recent posts, Splatterson handles provisions! Meet me behind Old Man Jenkin's barn at sundown. Appropriate footwear required
rachel1975@ TopgunGWC Sweet! We're in like Flynn!
kdeezy @ TopgunGWC I volunteer for surveillance on the owner.
TopgunGWC @ kdeezy round up all the Mission Impossible soundtrack mp3's you can grab!
TopgunGWC @ kdeezy OK! NIce try! Let's get serious people! We'll only have one shot at this.
rachel1975@ TopgunGWC I'll need a report on ground conditions to choose appropriate footwear.
TopgunGWC @ rachel1975 Tray'll have to jack Keara into the Weather Channel mainframe...hope that wiring holds!!
kdeezy @ TopgunGWC Dun dun dun dun...dun dun dun dun.
bkittysd @ TopgunGWC raptor at the ready, sir!
SolaiGWC@ TopgunGWC I brought a comb
TopgunGWC @ SolaiGWC I've got you listed as towel...but comb, good! :-) Pick up your sequined camos and meet us at sundown!
TopgunGWC @ SolaiGWC My fault, btw, enlisting Izzard as Quartermaster.
rachel1975@ TopgunGWC Sequins! You never said anything about sequins! Lord, I'd better go get my hair did if the dress code is formal!
TopgunGWC @ rachel1975 Report to Lady D for Nails and Pedicure. We need a Hairmaster, stat!
SolaiGWC@ TopgunGWC if I fall down wearing these pumps I am screwed
TopgunGWC @ SolaiGWC LMAO! That's what the obstacle course training is for! Check the manual! Don't worry, the fur trim will break your fall.
rachel1975@ TopgunGWC Aye aye! Should I go with an up-do or a Tara style braidy-thing?
TopgunGWC And I'm thinking we need to reassign Badger. We need Tac. Nuke Capability. And now! As well as Pah.
TopgunGWC OK, things are moving on the fly...adapt, overcome! bkitty can handle HairMaster as well as Evac Duty. Right, kitteh?
TopgunGWC @ rachel1975 Thinking a Laura Roslin Low Drag Do. You in?
TopgunGWC Who wants to actually touch the snowblower? Those things can be dangerous in the hands of an amateur...Volunteers?
SolaiGWC@ TopgunGWC that sounds really creepy
rachel1975@ TopgunGWC Do-able!
TopgunGWC @ rachel1975 You're my new Lt. We need soldiers like you, Rach.
rachel1975@ TopgunGWC woot! I have a rank!
bkittysd @ TopgunGWC I'm on it! Got my shears, aquanet, borrowing Solai's comb! Improvise, adapt, overcome!
rachel1975@ bkittysd Shears?! *hides*
ThotFullGWC I am on plane In Reply To Your Message TopgunGWC: Here's where we separate the Men from the Nancy Tribe.
TopgunGWC RT ThotFullGWC I am on plane In Reply To Your Message TopgunGWC: Here's where we separate the Men from the Nancy Tribe. We may have a leak
rachel1975@ TopgunGWC We can adapt and overcome!
gwcaudra Can I get down on this snowblower operation? I'll take care of grammar issues over the com!
badgerspoon @ TopgunGWC Who am I diverting from what?
TopgunGWC @ gwcaudra Roger Audra, I was hoping you'd come aboard as Tactician as well! We need research on historical snowblower battles!
TopgunGWC @ gwcaudra Sun Tzu's Art of War states "The leader who fights the snowblower fights himself." Maybe start there??
badgerspoon @ TopgunGWC Pah with tactical nuclear capabilities? Hard to bake, I'd imagine.
rachel1975@ badgerspoon The trick is cream pahs. You pre-bake the crust and then nestle the ordnance in the filling. The merengue is a bit tricky tho!
TopgunGWC @ badgerspoon Oh, btw, re diversion: We need 200 exploding smoke bomb unicorn lawn ornaments by Sunday. Can you do it?
badgerspoon @ rachel197 5 The no-bake pies are probably the way to go.
badgerspoon @ TopgunGWC How about 200 guys in rainbow pony costumes doing, uh, unsavory things on people's lawns?
TopgunGWC @ badgerspoon I knew we could count on you!! Make it so!
TopgunGWC Last night's training mission almost a complete disaster. TG for Solai's comb, or we might all be dead now. Debrief at 19:00, DePants 18:45
rachel1975@ TopgunGWC Copy. What's the 20 on that debrief?
TopgunGWC @ rachel1975 We'll teleconference this time. The last debrief in the foyer of the Holiday Inn made the papers. Stealth's the key here.
rachel1975@ TopgunGWC I know, @ badgerspoon almost got caught on camera, and @ bkittysd had to hide in that potted plant until they were gone!
bkittysd @ rachel1975 that was no potted plant! That was my wig! lol!
rachel1975@ bkittysd lol! That was dash cunning of you to wear a wig you could hide in to our secret meeting!
TopgunGWC @ ThotFullGWC Thot!! How do we turn on your TV? Can't figure out this remote.
TopgunGWC @ ThotFullGWC And, uh, nobody is trying to steal your snowblower.
ladydisdain @ TopgunGWC very slick, Topgun. nobody's gonna see through that
TopgunGWC @ ladydisdain You're the one who suggested signing the ransom note "your friends at GWC" :P
ladydisdain @ TopgunGWC what? I was just trying to be polite!
TopgunGWC @ ladydisdain How do you explain the group photo of the kidnap team you wanted to leave propped up on the kitchen counter ??
ladydisdain @ TopgunGWC something to memorialize the event, of course!
TopgunGWC @ ladydisdain And putting us all in his Facebook page?? You have so much to learn about the crime game
TopgunGWC @ ladydisdain I have a bad feeling about this.
SolaiGWC@ TopgunGWC TP? Where does Thot keep his beer?
TopgunGWC @ SolaiGWC It's in the fridge, on the second shelf, with the fabric softener.
SolaiGWC@ TopgunGWC @ thotfullgwc Good lord, all Thot has is Schlitz and Genny Cream Ale? And a half drunk cherry wine cooler?
rachel1975@ TopgunGWC @ SolaiGWC Beer? Hell, where does he keep the scotch?
TopgunGWC @ rachel1975 Check his sock drawer.
TopgunGWC @ SolaiGWC Hoodsie Cups?? They still make these?
rachel1975@ TopgunGWC Ooh! Good thinking!
TopgunGWC @ rachel1975 Can you leave me a little?. I'm almost out of the shower, be ready in a minute.
TopgunGWC @ rachel1975 I like this soap. Remind me to get some for home.
SolaiGWC@ TopgunGWC @ rachel1975 DO NOT CHECK THE SOCK DRAWER. I did, and I still feel nauseous. Who has this many Marie Osmond dolls? Who?
TopgunGWC @ SolaiGWC @ rachel1975 Then for sure as hell don't look in the left-hand drawer in the bathroom cabinet. O.M.G.
rachel1975@ SolaiGWC ACK! Thanks for the warning! I'll keep looking.
SolaiGWC@ TopgunGWC I am impressed at his vast collection of Smurf porn
TopgunGWC @ SolaiGWC I found the Donnys. :O
TopgunGWC @ SolaiGWC Ah, you've found the attic staircase then?
TopgunGWC @ SolaiGWC @ rachel1975 Who actually catalogues their Reader's Digests?
rachel1975@ SolaiGWC @ TopgunGWC Yeah, well don't tell Talos, but I found a Gorn suit in the hall closet! *shudder*
TopgunGWC @ SolaiGWC @ rachel1975 *headsplode*
TopgunGWC @ rachel1975 @ SolaiGWC Then for sure don't tell him about the Shatner suit in the cellar.
SolaiGWC@ TopgunGWC @ rachel1975 what I can't figure out is why is everything in this house covered in hair? @ thotfullgwc doesn't have a pet
tanstaaflWDM @ TopgunGWC @ rachel1975 @ SolaiGWC You folks are having way too much fun over there. Think you could set up a webcam link for the rest of us?
rachel1975@ TopgunGWC @ SolaiGWC Man, I just really wanted a nightcap. Ah, well, I'll have to go to bed sober. I'm too afraid to keep looking!
TopgunGWC @ rachel1975 @ tanstaaflWDM @ SolaiGWC Hang on, trying to figure out why all these moths are flying around down here.
SolaiGWC@ TopgunGWC @ rachel1975 that's not a Shatner suit! That is William Shatner! "The Shatner puts the lotion on its skin."
rachel1975@ TopgunGWC DON'T GO INTO THE LIGHT!!!
TopgunGWC @ SolaiGWC But it looks so fake and misshapen, rubbery...oh, yeah, you're right, it is Shatner.
rachel1975@ SolaiGWC @ TopgunGWC Forget the snowblower! We got enough dirt to live off @ ThotFullGWC forever!
bkittysd Guys, I'm sick of waiting outside with the engine idling! Hurry UP!
TopgunGWC @ bkittysd Do you have any extra boxes? We have, uh, stuff here.
rachel1975@ bkittysd Well, @ TopgunGWC just HAD to take a shower!
bkittysd Just use the ones that had the stuff we brought! sheesh!
bkittysd @ rachel1975 eep! I hope you remembered where TG uses the soap last, so you don't soil your first! lol!
SolaiGWC@ TopgunGWC talos is going to be pissed.
rachel1975@ bkittysd eep is right! @ TopgunGWC, which bar of soap did you use?
TopgunGWC @ bkittysd @ rachel1975 I threw it in the well with Shatner. More in the hall closet.
rachel1975@ bkittysd @ TopgunGWC @ SolaiGWC Alright, team. It's time for my covert ops. I'll see you at the chuck frak at 2000.
TopgunGWC Hello! Secret floor compartment! Old VHS tapes..Seasons 2, 3, 4, 5 of....FIREFLY !!?? Bastard!
TopgunGWC @ bkittysd OK, snowblower loaded. Rachel loaded. Solai loaded. We're all loaded...weee! Let's get outa here!
TopgunGWC @ bkittysd Don't forget to pick up Badger. He's three houses down, on the lawn. Just..avert your eyes when you pull up.
bkittysd Ghaaaa! Your warning came too late!
bkittysd eep. sorry, had another spam sammich- just roll down the windows
TopgunGWC @ bkittysd I thot busses always smelled like this. But I'm moving to the rear at the next stoplight. Window's jammed.
bkittysd @ TopgunGWC BWAAAAH! You're not half wrong! lol!
SolaiGWC@ TopgunGWC hic. Too many wine coolers
TopgunGWC @ bkittysd @ SolaiGWC What a crew. *shakes head*
badgerspoon @ TopgunGWC @ bkittysd Sorry about that. Half of my rainbow ponies didn't show up, so I had to take matters into my own hands. So to speak :P
TopgunGWC @ Solai @ Rachel1975 @ bkitttysd @ badgerspoon @ gwcaudra @ ladydisdain Sh*t! We took the lawnmower by mistake.
TopgunGWC @ rachel1975 Thot's lawnmower looks really stupid in my living room. How long until this is over?
rachel1975@ TopgunGWC When does he get back? Then we have to give him a day or so to raise the ransom.
TopgunGWC @ rachel1975 Left on the 20th, not sure about the return, figure a week down there? I guess I'll just have to live with the grass clippings.
rachel1975@ TopgunGWC Well, if he comes back this Fri, we shoud give him until Mon to raise the funds. I mean, who has $1 billion in their pocket?
ladydisdain grass clippings? weren't you supposed to be stealing a snowblower?
TopgunGWC @ rachel1975 Right, especially after a trip to Disney. @ ladydisdain Did you miss that debrief D? We frakked the goose, took the wrong item.
rachel1975@ ladydisdain When I left for my undercover assignment, @ TopgunGWC and @ SolaiGWC were still frakkin around in the house.
ladydisdain @ TopgunGWC I'm guessing someone dropped the ball in the planning stage. faulty recon. or too much time spent in Thot's liquor cabinet
rachel1975@ ladydisdain and @ bkittysd was idling at the curb waiting for them in the get-away raptor, @ badgerspoon was MIA.
rachel1975@ TopgunGWC Did you grab some of that soap you liked for home?
TopgunGWC @ ladydisdain We were loaded up on Strawberry wine coolers, and I think I drank fabric softener. Spent too much time trying to rescue Shatner
TopgunGWC @ rachel1975 Oh no, Badger fullfilled his duties! All over the neighborhood residents were drawing curtains and cowering in their kitchens.
rachel1975@ TopgunGWC Oh, good! When I left to go to bed, I mean on my covert assignment, I wasn't aware of his status.
ladydisdain @ rachel1975 Badger left someone hanging? Inconceivable! not after the 8999 debacle!
TopgunGWC @ rachel1975 @ ladydisdain The plan was sound! The only thing we should have done was gotten a picture of a snowblower before the operation.
rachel1975@ ladydisdain It's all good! @ TopgunGWC says @ badgerspoon came through for the mission.
TopgunGWC @ rachel1975 @ ladydisdain As a matter of fact, last time I saw him he was still in his pony costume and refusing to take it off. Dedication.

4 Responses to "Snowblowers, Wine Coolers and William Shatner"
  1. bkitty says:

    Ho. Lee. Craaap!!!

    <3 you for the memories.

    ALL of you.

  2. Gryper says:

    That is GWC Hivemind Gold right there! OSSIM!

  3. Thotfullguy says:

    I let the Shat out for special projects. Like that Interview thing were he interviews each Star Trek series captain. 🙂

    Good times. You all is a crazy ole bunch.

  4. Rachel/Apollymy says:

    LOL! Oh, that was fun times!
    You guys are the best!

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