July 9, 2011

#278.5: Bonus! Audra and Chuck’s STS-135 Live Launch Commentary

Audra and Chuck offer an hour’s worth of commentary over the live NASA TV feed. They pick up around 15 minutes before the launch and wrap up with an approximately 30 minute post-launch discussion of the future of the space program. We hope you enjoy this bonus content! And if you’re a first-time GWC listener, you might want to back up to #278 as a better example of a normal GWC podcast.

2 Responses to "#278.5: Bonus! Audra and Chuck’s STS-135 Live Launch Commentary"
  1. bkitty says:

    can’t wait to listen!!

  2. NancyC says:

    I saw the whole launch from beginning to end. Brought back memories of that “whole-body” experience I had at a launch at the Cape. What a thrill each launch has been! Never ceased to be exciting. Enjoyed listening to comments from the two of you.

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