March 7, 2011

#261: Time Travel, Part III

We wrap up our time travel arc with a discussion of the morality of time travel, focusing specifically on Back to the Future. And we run down the week in geek, including the Space Shuttle Discovery’s final liftoff, a possible Blade Runner sequel, a possible RoboCop “reboot,” and lots more. If you haven’t yet RSVP’d for the 2011 GWC International Meetup in Texas, time’s running out! We’ve still got space, though, and would love to meet you. Check the forum for details.

One Response to "#261: Time Travel, Part III"
  1. John Marsh says:

    I’ve really enjoyed your time travel conversation. The bit about predetermination vs. freewill is particularly interesting.

    It’s not an “either/or” but it’s “both/and”. It reminded me of a bit from Lord of the Rings. Frodo seems predetermined to carry the ring, Gandalf says that he was “meant” to have it. However, Frodo, clearly chooses to carry the ring of his own free will.

    How can these seeming opposite ideas be a “both/and”. The answer is your perspective of time. If you are outside of time and able to see the entire story at once, you’d know the outcome before any event happened. The mortals who are stuck in time would be making linear decisions, but it would appear to be fate.

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