January 30, 2011

#256: Artificial Intelligence, Part I

We launch into our AI arc by asking the question: What is artificial intelligence? And we run down the week in geek, including Captain America’s not-so-American release name in some countries, some new news about a possible Black Panther movie, the life, times, and downfall of the Comics Code Authority, and Kate Mulgrew’s comments re: the arrival of Seven of Nine.

2 Responses to "#256: Artificial Intelligence, Part I"
  1. noblepuker says:

    ‘Artificial Intelligence: Any unnatural creation that has the ability to learn’
    …that’s what A.I. is to me.I’m gonna look it up now,i’m curious.
    I agree with Audra.The creation can be of alien origin,and doesn’t have to emmulate anything,or even speak….but it must be able to learn to some degree. My two cents.
    Thanks for the podcasts GWC !

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