It’s An Honor To Be Nominated… And It’s About Time

Wassup all -- it’s the Operator!

It’s award season! That special time of year when LA folks start name-dropping and talking incessantly about who’s who of the what's what in movies (okay, that’s year round). ANYway, the Producers Guild of America has chosen their nominees for Best Picture. Usually, this list includes one, maybe two I have seen, the rest…not so much.

This is different, however. Three of the nominees for Best Picture are films that some of us may have heard about, if not actually seen.

District 9
Star Trek

Now, maybe you’re wondering -- The PGAs? Well that’s awesome and all, but it’s not the Oscars.

Ever since I was a wee lad, I always wondered why the PGAs, SAG Awards, or Oscars never nominated movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Close Encounters, Star Wars, etc. And I don’t mean “Best Effects” or “Best Soundtrack” or “Best use of a Key Grip in a Scene That Requires Whatever it is That Key Grips Do”.

With the popularity of shows like Heroes, Lost, and Flash Forward and critical acclaim for shows like BSG, recognition from institutions like the PGA looks to be the next logical (and in my opinion way overdue) step.

The PGA will also honor Joss Whedon this year with the 2010 Vanguard Award, which "recognizes achievements in new media and technology."

Now if only Fox would stop canceling really great shows **cough** Firefly**cough** **cough**Dollhouse**cough**

Producers Guild of America [website]
PGA to Honor Joss Whedon

3 Responses to "It’s An Honor To Be Nominated… And It’s About Time"
  1. Chuck says:

    It really is great to see some recognition heading towards these awesome properties.

  2. Aset says:

    Blaming Fox for the Dollhouse cancellation is unfair. They gave that show more opportunities than it really should have gotten. Mainly based on their experience with Firefly. It simply did not & is not drawing the ratings necessary for a network. it’s sad to see good shows not get the ratings they should, but just because it’s good doesn’t mean they can keep it around. If it doesn’t draw, it doesn’t draw.

  3. bkitty says:

    I think they’re waking up!

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