What Is Paul?

My introduction to Simon Pegg was via Shaun of the Dead, which I first watched around Halloween last year for our '08 GWC special. And, of course, I saw him in Trek 11 (or one, depending on how you're counting.) But my first real Simon Pegg experience came over the last week or so as Audra and I made our way through his 1999 series Spaced. Pegg co-wrote space with his co-star Jessica Stevenson, and it's awesome -- a real tribute to the geek lifestyle (and what it's like to have a family of friends).

I've got Hot Fuzz on my Netflix list and can't wait to check it out, too. But I noticed that Pegg and his ex-flat-mate/eternal-TV-sidekick Nick Frost co-wrote a movie that's apparently pushing through production right now. It's called Paul, and it's the story of two sci-fi geeks who detour their post Comic-Con road trip through Area 51 "where they come across an alien named Paul."

How cool could that be? Answer: Even cooler than you might think. Paul's IMDB entry reveals an all-star cast including Christopher Guest regular and recent Glee star Jane Lynch, badass sci-fi heroine Sigourney Weaver, and SNL regular and Flight of the Conchords guest star Kristen Wiig. Everyone's favorite stoner/dad/porn star/Fanboy Seth Rogen will voice Paul the alien, and long-time Rogen collaborator Greg Mottola will direct.

As of now, Paul should see a 2010 release date. I can't wait.

Paul Video Journals [GeekTyrant]
Paul [IMDB]

6 Responses to "What Is Paul?"
  1. numberThirtyOne says:

    Hmm, I may need to check out Spaced. Hot Fuzz will blow your mind. Even better than SotD in my opinion.

  2. Yorick says:

    Jane Lynch, Sigourney Weaver AND Kristen Wiig? I’m in heaven!

    Jane Lynch also appears as a regular in the first season of the ridiculously hilarious ‘Party Down’ if you ever have the chance to check it out (it’s on Netflix streaming)

  3. Pike says:

    Walk, don’t run, to grab a copy of Hot Fuzz. It does to cop movies what Shawn does to zombie flicks.

  4. KLCthe BookWorm says:

    Second what Pike said about Hot Fuzz. My mother watched the whole thing and she’s not crazy about cop movies or British comedies.

    Simon Pegg is also in the Doctor Who episode: “The Long Game” (Ninth Doctor).

  5. Traci says:

    I’ve love Spaced the moment I caught it on BBC America several years back, and I’m so glad it’s on Hulu now so others can check it out. I’m glad you & Audra enjoyed it, as it is so chock-full of sci fi and pop culture references.

    When Paul comes out, I can’t wait to hear what you think on the podcast.

    Speaking of the podcast, I ADORE what you, Sean and Audra have done with it as your scope has gone beyond BSG. Incredibly entertaining.

  6. Dylan says:

    I’d also recommend the boxed set of Spaced. It has homage-o-meter which gives you the name of every movie/show/game that they reference as subtitles.

    The episode where he gets sacked from the comic store for screaming at a little kid who wanted to buy a JarJar toy is classic. His boss defends jarjar by asking ‘What about the Ewoks?’ To which he replies ‘ JarJar makes the Ewoks look like f**ing Shaft ‘

    Cant wait for the new movie.

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