October 24, 2009

#191: Cosmos, Techstuff, Interview with Jonathan Strickland, Chris Pollette, John Boswell

This week: We run down some awesome news items including the upcoming Tekken 6 release, The Plan’s leak (no spoilers, of course, as we won’t see it until the release next week), some awesome SG-U featurettes, Dollhouse’s fate, and Joss Whedon’s Glee gig. The guys from HowStuffWorks.com’s TechStuff podcast join us to offer their perspective on the Voyager program and the close connection between science fact and science fiction. John Boswell walks us through his two awesome auto-tuned science tunes. We dive into Encyclopedia Galactica and the Drake equation. And Chuck treks to Sean’s childhood home to find out if he really watched Cosmos as a kid — with surprising results.

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