October 10, 2009

#189: Call Show, Stargate, Big Bang Theory

We set aside some time to take some of the many calls we received over the last few weeks. Highlights: we talk about Stargate’s “hard-core sci-fi” credentials, discuss the difference between “not liking” a show and calling it “crap,” express our opinions about Gua’uld history as related to Earth’s, speculate about what draws scientists to sci-fi, hear Sean’s plans for fantasy sci-fi (like fantasy football, but for sci-fi nerds) and Chuck’s initial take on Big Bang Theory, and generally commune with GWCers.


One Response to "#189: Call Show, Stargate, Big Bang Theory"
  1. Jason Farb says:

    Chuck: A dbag is someone who would park in a handicap spot, pure evil would just paint over it.

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