October 10, 2009

#188: Cosmos, Carl Sagan

In this episode we get down on some science fact! Highlights: we get the “billyons and billyons” jokes out of the way up front, enjoy Cosmos’ wonderful mix of astronomy and humanities, ponder the role of man in the keeping of history, discuss the difference between fact and opinion, enjoy the awesome circle of inspiration between science fiction and science fact, wonder if exploration will continue at the rate it did during Cosmos’ production, and watch Audra lose about $0.47 American.

3 Responses to "#188: Cosmos, Carl Sagan"
  1. Tim846 says:

    Haven’t had time to listen to the latest show but am excited you are covering Cosmos!!

    Wanted to be sure you’d seen this awesome mashup vid of Carl Sagan:

    (or download here: http://www.colorpulsemusic.com/Carl_Sagan-A_Glorious_Dawn(mp4).mp4 )

  2. Johan Malone says:

    Can’t download, getting an error. I’m really interested in the Sagan arc.

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