October 3, 2009

#187: Stargate, SG-U

We enjoyed this week’s SG-U premiere! Highlights: enjoy Robert Carlyle’s awesome portrayal of the complex Dr. Rush, wonder if Rush really did talk to O’Neill, love Eli’s portrayal of the geek, ponder who’ll be this series’ Carter, we hear about Audra and Chuck’s wah meter, give Sean crap for having watched Power Rangers, bitch about how Christopher McDonald robbed us of two hours of awesome Shooter McGavin jokes by playing his role so effectively (yeah, his geek-show cred is clear: he was in Fanboys, too), debate whether or not one sacrificial act clears the slate of past d-baggery, and discuss which characters will grow in future episodes. In closing we talk new Mass Effect news, Halo ODST, and preview our next arc: Cosmos!

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