A Glorious Dawn (Feat. Stephen Hawking)

Yeah, auto-tune's become all the joke lately, with enterprising folks applying T-Painery to everything from cats meowing to Mr. T. But the above video is no joke. It's pretty darn bad-ass. And it's significant when you consider that we're just a few weeks away from taking a fun look at Cosmos.

I do hope you'll all join us after Stargate for a look at a show that inspired the imaginations of many prominent figures in both the science and science-fiction world. It's worth your time!

Carl Sagan: Cosmos Remixed [YouTube]

6 Responses to "A Glorious Dawn (Feat. Stephen Hawking)"
  1. mymatdave says:

    I’m really glad to be seeing this vid wind its way across the internets, first scienceblogs, now scifi ones like GWC. Sagan is the man and I look forward to the Cosmos show soon.

  2. bkitty says:

    wow. head ‘sploded from the cool.

    that was beautiful.

  3. Thx1966 says:

    If you go to youtube and watch this video. if you click on the ‘more info’ it has all the “lyrics” I thought it was cool.

  4. solarpilot says:

    A fitting tribute to a man who would blow your mind with questions and ideas, and make you -crave- more answers that are out there, even twenty-six years later.

    Excellent pick, Chuck.

  5. Audra says:

    This video is somehow haunting and beautiful and inspiring all at the same time – wow.

  6. Tim846 says:

    huh. Just posted this same thing on the Cosmos episode post! Oops. Good to know you’d seen it 🙂

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