September 26, 2009

#186: Stargate, Continuum, Interview with Amanda Tapping

We watch Stargate Continuum in our last podcast before the SG Universe premiere — and enjoy a visit from Amanda Tapping! Highlights: we love Continuum’s fun take on the classic time-travel story, debate what makes one timeline more valid than another, hear Ms. Tapping’s take on Samantha Carter, women in sci-fi, and whether or not Cam ate Carter’s home-baked cookies, explain how Firefox, claymation Rudolph, AvP, National Treasure, Transformers, and Captain Ron relate to Continuum, hear Chuck’s rant about how geeks are represented on TV, and marvel at the pervasiveness of Stargate in the sci-fi world.

One Response to "#186: Stargate, Continuum, Interview with Amanda Tapping"
  1. Geoffrey Scipioni says:

    i love stargate with a passion. Im enjoying season seven as i post this. i’m planning to start watching atlantis pretty in the near future.

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