Live From D*C: Awaitin’ The Shat

What you see in the photo above is a one seriously long line. Actually, it's about 10% of the line waiting for an opportunity for a phone with Shatner and Nimoy at Dragon*Con. This, folks, is an event.

More soon.

3 Responses to "Live From D*C: Awaitin’ The Shat"
  1. Starsaber says:

    Yeah, back at MegaCon, the line for Tricia Helfer was pretty massive.

    The line for James Callis was long, but not even 1/3 as long as Tricia’s :p

  2. bkitty says:

    What’s the phone thing? Sooooo cool of you to post for us! squeee!

  3. Steve says:

    bkitty – that was supposed to be “photo”

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