August 29, 2009

#182: The Guild, Interview with Felicia Day, Sandeep Parikh, Jeff Lewis, Vincent Caso

Season three of The Guild premiered this week, and Sandeep Parikh, Jeff Lewis, Vincent Caso, and Felicia Day drop by to ratchet up everyone’s enjoyment even another notch! Long-time Guild fan Veronica Belmont joins us, too, to contribute her WoW experience and general awesomeness. Highlights: we hear about Sandeep’s gymnastics background and experience cartwheeling into a super-pro stunt woman, learn the backstory of Legend of Neil and barfing fairy-dust, marvel at how Jeff Lewis spits out all that detailed dialog, discover that being Vork pays off in free stuff at Blizzcon (and likely PAX) but not so much at LA restaurants, speculate with Lewis on Vork’s backstory, commiserate about being called “the worst tank ever,” uncover some awesomely-funny improvisational moments in The Guild, laugh it up with Vince Caso about his “owned by” photo shoot, theorize with Caso about how long Bladezz has played and what he did after destroying Tink’s character in season two, talk female geek role-models and creating one’s own job in LA with Felicia Day (and learn a lot about “the web video way”), develop massive respect for producer Kim Evey who takes a bite of found-object soup containing Legos and a mousetrap, enjoy the story of how the Guild cast traveled from hotel to Comic Con in costume (via a very unique ride), and get schooled by Belmont on guild politics, crafting, and character creation in WoW. Don’t forget to check out The Guild at, Legend of Neil at, Parikh’s and others’ stand up and improv at, Belmont’s sci-fi/fantasy book club and podcast at (and her other cool projects at Revision3 and the Playstation Network) — as well as the very bright future careers of all these wonderful, talented people. Up next week: Dr. Horrible!

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