August 22, 2009

#181: The Guild

We love The Guild! This week (and next) we enjoy a re-watch before the S3 premiere. Highlights: we express our love for the rise of web video (and the creative opportunities it opens for the talented and motivated), review the personal and professional brilliance of the Guild’s creator, actors, and crew, note that Michelle Boyd is a real life (and believable) Christmas Jones, enjoy the show’s realistic (yet positive) portrayal of MMO gamers, wonder why *everyone* plays a woman online, hear about Sean’s 9-1/2′ tall ogre Thimbalina, talk Lara Croft clipping issues (think boobs poking through solid rock), dream about creating a real world alt to tell off your boss, discuss player creation in various MMOs, speculate on exchange rates between various MMO cash, and generally geek out on social gaming in general!

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