August 15, 2009

#180: Alien 3

And we wrap up the Alien arc. Highlights: we recognize Alien3 as the source of the Aliens-as-horror-movie argument, note that it’s not a bad flick (but gets a bad rap as compared to Alien/Aliens), hear about Audra’s “Ellen Ripley” image search engine results, get a bit pissed about Newt’s ending, appreciateWeaver’s committment to the buzz cut (as opposed to Conehead-style caps), agree yet again that foul-mouthed women are hot (and Alien3’s language seems entirely justified), wonder exactly how they convince people to colonize places like LV426, enjoy Audra’s Rush/Alien3 joke, and debut our second grok tune “Listen To Ripley.” Next week: our first podcast in the Guild arc.

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