August 8, 2009

#179: Aliens

This week we dive into the second Alien flick. Highlights: we continue the horror vs. action movie debate, note Ripley’s upgrade from saving a cat to saving a small girl (and Hicks/Reese and about half of Bishop), wonder if Revlon stops aging entirely, love how Ripley continues to personify the strong female sci-fi character without giving up her femininity, visit with our friend BKitty (who attended Comic Con in ’98 as Vasquez), note Vasquez’ *huge* upgrade from Mrs. Todd to tough-ass marine, take inventory of Halo’s incredible rip-off of Aliens (Pelican = drop ship, assault rifle = pulse rifle, Pillar of Autumn = Sulaco, Johnson = Sgt. Apone), enjoy Ripley’s wordless negotiation with the Alien queen, discuss the morality (and practicality) of sentient biowar weapons, hear Sean’s Michigan The Frog impression, watch Paxton get his whine on (and yet prove a decent guy), reminisce about choose-your-own-adventure frights, and talk SFX. Next week: Alienses!

One Response to "#179: Aliens"
  1. Won-Tolla says:

    Hi everyone, long time listener, first time commenter.
    Just finished listening to podcast #179. Still have some catching up to do 🙂
    You mention that most of Halo tech is lifted from Aliens.
    An older game also borrows heavily from this movie: StarCraft.
    Take look at the dropships, the SCVs and some of the lines the NPCs use.
    Love the podcast, keep it up!

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