August 1, 2009

#178: Alien

Up this week — Alien! Highlights: we hear about Chuck’s last viewing of this movie (as a child sneaking out to watch it on cable), love the model work and how well the films FX hold up 30 years later, discuss the Giger art we saw in the studio while recording our live ‘cast in NYC, talk asteroid mining and what it could mean to the world’s metals market, discover the magic of young Viper (“You opened the airlock — and broke a major rule of engagement!”), express an, um, different take on android blood, love Ripley’s foul miner’s mouth, note that “listen to Ripley” could save numerous lives on the Nostromo (and later as well), wonder why Ash selected (of all things) a magazine to choke Ripley, express our gladness that Jones survives (though Nimitz would’ve been a better companion), admit that Spaceballs spoiled us permanently on the Alien birth scene (“Hello, my baby…”), debate whether or not Alien qualifies as horror, hear the Audra panty report, and debut our first original geek rock tune, Geordi’s Lament (written recorded by Audra, guest Juan, and Chuck).

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