A Tron Recollection…

The formal part of the birthday party had finished. Most of the boys went home; only a few of us stayed for the sleepover. We ate our hot dogs, drank our soda, and sat down to watch a movie on the VHS.

“What are we watching?” I asked

“Some movie called Tron” the host replied.

…and I was never quite the same again.

I remember the experience vividly. Sitting there in the dark, my breath was literally taken away by this image of the secret world inside computers and arcade games. I loved the visuals, I loved the music, and I loved Flynn. Flynn was the man. Cool, smart… he had his own arcade for frak’s sake!

After the movie was over most of the other boys went off to do something else. I sheepishly looked at the host and asked, “Can we watch it again?”

Over the years I heard the rumors of a Tron sequel but nothing ever materialized. Then last year a grainy video shot at the San Diego Comicon showed up on YouTube. In it, the lights dim and you hear the audience rustle. With the opening shot you clearly hear someone say, “Whaaat?” and then slowly the recognition sweeps over the crowd… this is Tron 2! I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

Now they have released a high-quality version of last year’s grainy one and I am in heaven. Here’s looking to 2011!

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  1. Solarpilot says:


  2. LordCorbin says:

    Tron is fantastic, but I hope the story is better in the sequel. *fingers crossed*

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