BKitty Wraps Up SDCC Sunday

Sunday. Kid's Day. The last day of the con -- and also the best day to get those deals! Vendors don't want to pack all that craaap back up again!

The kids get pretty neat freebies, but for little hands it's sometimes hard to tell what is free and what isn't! While dealers scramble to protect their pricier wares, they're more likely to throw a little extra in the bag. The newspaper said the Con thrived despite the economy, though the hub noticed that the Spike & Mike booth kept their prices pretty low and level instead of the usual high start with daily price cut. Read on for lots more pix -- and an explanation of how the above photo came about.

As you can see, I have my little family trained quite well for a casual day of swag shopping and booth gawking.

After a bit, we lunched at Cafe Diem. SyFy's off-site venue. The menu categories were Stargate Universe Wake-Up, Sanctuary Starters, Caprica Salads, Warehouse 13 Desserts, etc.

Then we headed back to the floor to score -- and take last looks at -- cool toys. TREK! um, sorry, is my Tartiness showing?

Yes, I think it is!

But that's not all! Lady D paid to have her pic taken with the Battlestar Boys and invited me along! Would YOU say no? EJO told her, "This is a great thing you're doing. We don't know when we'll be together like this again." I think you can see some of the sadness in his eyes. He said something similar when he hosted the Bear McCreary concert. For these guys, this is all reunion. Thrilling and sad at the same time. So Say We All.

[Ed. Note: If you get a chance, be sure to thank bkitty in the forums for all her hard work hosting an awesome GWC meetup at the event and bringing SDCC a little closer to those of us who couldn't attend. Thanks, bkitty!]

8 Responses to "BKitty Wraps Up SDCC Sunday"
  1. Pike says:

    Mad props to bkitty for all her blogging goodness. Next best thing to being there.

  2. Tom says:

    Thank you BKitty et al for the extra effort!
    Just getting a glimpse helps to ease the pain of not going. 🙂

  3. bkitty says:

    I have to thank the hub for breaking the path for us, and taking great shots from his vantage point, as well as all my friends for donating pix for the flickr pool! I took bunches, but Franz and Cheryl and D donated sooo many!! I am still working on uploading a bunch more! eep! I truly wish each and every one in the community could have been there with us!

  4. FrenchToast says:

    BKitty rawks!!! And The Hub too.

  5. Audra says:

    Wow! Bkitty and Nichelle Nichols – two of the most beautiful ladies around!

    B, and D, the Hub, the ClanAZ, and everyone who helped bring the rest of us into the Con experience with you – thank you so much for all you do! Mucho squishy hugs!

  6. KLCthe BookWorm says:

    Amen! I have no idea when I’ll ever got to go to one. And this dedicated reporting makes me want to go so much more.

  7. Casilda says:

    “TREK! um, sorry, is my Tartiness showing?” Own the tartiness! 🙂

    Your coverage was great, thank you SO MUCH for letting the rest of us experience the con vicariously through you!!!

    And I love the picture with you and D and the BSG guys. !!!!

  8. Gryper says:

    Thanks bkitty! Great blog posts on the fun you all had. Loved reading them and looking at your pictures. Did you post the link to your Flickr pool?

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