Live From SDCC: Kevin Smith

Finally, here's the only man who can hold his own in the wake of the Ironman panel and the reason the hub looks forward to Saturday: Kevin Smith. He has nothing to promote right now, so his was just a straight Q&A that had us falling out of our seats! The man is gracious, kind, and will rip you to shreds if you need it!

Some wanted him to trash on Twilight, but he wasn't having it; his wife and daughter are both into it, and when a fan offered him a killer-looking bag his wife made for friends, Kevin invited the man to sit on stage with him for the duration -- and mugged for pix for the guy's wife!

No matter how many tangents -- and there were many -- Kevin always brought it back around to answer or discuss the original question! Witty, profane, gracious and kind.

I'm out of adjectives.

These pictures show only a tiny bit of the Con. Wish everyone could be here!

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