Megan (I Mean Jennifer’s) Body, New D-9, And More

Even though I'm not at Comic Con this year -- thanks so much to the Bkitty and the other GWC crew for keeping us up on the hotness! -- that hasn't stopped me from running into some sweet stuff.

I'll admit I have a bit of a crush on Megan Fox. Ok, I'm slightly obsessed and seeking help. But the point is she may actually be a little bad for your health. Case in point: Jennifer's Body.

Check out the trailer below.

Yeah. I'd be so dead.

I ran into the first TV clip for District 9. This gives a little more background than the previous clips. Looks truly awesome.

[Note: Sadly, this video has been removed from the 'tube. Doh!]

Also, check out the Kate Beckinsdale coolness with the movie adaptation of the graphic novel Whiteout. She may not be in PVC, but still looks awesome. Bring your sweater.

Finally, I heard about the Book of Eli earlier this year. Starring Denzel Washington, it takes place in a post-apocalyptic future. What makes this movie different? Did I mention Denzel puts his foot in some (sorryBarb)? See for yourself.

Stay Frosty!

One Response to "Megan (I Mean Jennifer’s) Body, New D-9, And More"
  1. mymatedave says:

    Many thanks Operator, two of these are definitely going to be in my to-watch list. The Megan Fox one, not so much. Sorry dude, I know you got a thing for her but she isn’t interesting to me and more importantly she can’t act.

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