Live From SDCC: The GWC Meetup!

Friday night a number of GWCers joined us at our home for a full-on GWC Meetup! From left to right (approximately): Tim, Lady D, the hub, ConnorAZ, DawnAZ, Darthweef, BrettAZ, Default Prophet, and me, b! French Toast and Bacon & Eggs joined us later. Read on for more meetup pix!

This sign (along with Frenchie's Spock, my pic of Spock, and D's music player -- supporting the sign) greeted GWCers at the meetup. Spock on Spock action! lol!

Earlier in the day a few GWCers also met up in Ballroom 20! Default Prophet, French Toast, DawnAZ, bkitty, and Lady D (with eyes open!)

Tired now. It's 2 a.m. Saturday morning. Yawn! More after some sleep.

3 Responses to "Live From SDCC: The GWC Meetup!"
  1. Casilda says:

    It’s great to see you guys having such a fun time! Thanks for sharing it with us all 🙂

  2. DawnAZ says:

    Looks like fascinating group of people!

  3. Darthweef says:

    It was great being with GWC people again .. no greater group of people in the world.

    Thanks for organizing and opening your home bkitty!


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