Live From SDCC: Panels, Panels, Panels!

You might recognize these guys. I snapped this right as Joseph Adama grabbed his "baby boy" crooning, "My son, my son!" Read on for more fun panel moments from Friday.

Here's Eick and Espenson cutting it up after Ron Moore declared what a crime it was that none of the actors got Emmy noms (not to be confused with actual noms! lol! I'm punchy!)

The delightful Big Bang Theory panel! They love their characters, and they apparently crack each other up regularly. Here, Johnny Galecki gets ribbed for his ability to sleep anywhere, anytime!

24's Mary Lynn Rajskub deadpans an answer to a fan while calling for more adulation. Katee Sackhoff joins the show.

More soon!

5 Responses to "Live From SDCC: Panels, Panels, Panels!"
  1. The Operator says:


  2. Casilda says:

    ossim ossim ossim! 🙂

  3. Danielle says:

    Esai Morales, played EJO’s son in some spanish show about a mexican family a few years ago.

  4. Casilda says:

    They’re both in Death in Granada (La desaparición de García Lorca) and in Gregory Nava’s My family/mi familia (he of El Norte fame).

    It’s not particularly uncommon to see that English speaking Hispanic actors have worked together in the past (Nava’s film also features Jennifer Lopez, lol).

    But still: super ossim!!

  5. bigdamnhero says:

    RDM’s rant about the Emmy thing was fantastic… he was really upset there for a moment.

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