Tron Legacy: One Bad-Ass Trailer!

Behold, the newest Tron Legacy trailer. Special thanks to David Heames, who tweeted this just a few minutes ago!

A few notes: Pay special attention to "young Flynn," who appears in the yellow/black racing suit. And I love the darker tone. Bring it!

Tron Legacy Trailer [Flynn Lives]

7 Responses to "Tron Legacy: One Bad-Ass Trailer!"
  1. The Operator says:


  2. Tom says:

    Badass indeed

  3. Solarpilot says:

    This beats the hell out of the bootleg caught on the cell phone at SDCC last year. Looks much shinier too.

    I am definitely curious as to why “old Flynn” has this sagely monk appearance, and “young Flynn” appears to be a crapbag. This will DEFINITELY be on my watch list next year. Hopefully early next year.

  4. Solai says:

    Trailer downloaded and synced with my iPhone. I will now proceed to watch this a million times.

  5. McGeeIsTheMan says:

    Awesome! Chuck, have you seen this Tron/Big Lebowski crossover comic??

  6. StrikitRich says:

    Hmm, wonder how Flynn aged if he’s been living in The System for all those years?

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