Live From SDCC: Bear McCreary Concert Photos

An intrepid GWCer (whose name we'll keep secret to protect the guilty) pantsed a camera to slip it by the House of Blues security staff and bring you these photos from the show. Yes, they're a little shady. But hey: they (note my Chasing Amy pronoun game) weren't able to pull the camera out much. Photos are good, but not worth getting kicked out over, right?

Just remember that some of those murky blobs are Edward James Olmos (above, left), Katee Sackhoff, etc.

Lots of (stealth) photos:

Thanks again for the awesome pics! Blurry or not, it makes us all feel more like we're there.

One Response to "Live From SDCC: Bear McCreary Concert Photos"
  1. Pike says:

    That’s awesome, but what’s with the watermark?

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