The Kind Of Viral You WANT To Catch

I love virals. Not the type where you feel like crap for a few days, lay in bed, drink fluids, and watch Oprah and reruns of Andy Griffith. I mean the viral videos that leak out before a movie release -- the kind that makes a movie you kinda want to see into a movie you really want to see.

Or in this case, a movie you really want to see into a movie that you're ready to storm the theaters to see. Virals can also give you a great back-story without giving away plot. Read on to see my most recent favorites from District 9 and TR2N!

For example, check out this District 9 Level 5 Alert:

...and a word from D-9's, um, sponsors:

...and an interview with Cody Coker:

But not all virals arrive in the form of videos. Some are little websites set up by studios to drive interest in an upcoming film. Here's one about a guy named "Kevin Flynn." (You might have heard of him. Heh.) Here's the first in what will likely be many virals for TR2N:

There's a little Easter egg in there too. Can you find it?

Until next time...

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