BSG 4.5 DVD Release, Iron Man 2, 2012, And V

Damn, there's a lot of great content heading our way later this year and next! Read on for the 411 on the BSG Season 4.5 DVD release, Iron Man 2 (now with more Scarlett), 2012, and V!

We're just a few weeks away from the July 28th release of the BSG Season 4.5 DVD. Say what you will about the final fate of Starbuck, etc.: I'm grabbing this bad boy the second it's out. Forgot how exciting 4.5 was? Here's Space's trailer to remind you:

Then of course, there's this little tidbit about a certain superhero sequel next year. (Honestly, if you haven't seen Iron Man, as Audra would say: "do it! DO it! Do it! DO IT! Do eeet!" It was really well done.) But the tidbit to which I'm referring is Scarlett Johansson as "Black Widow" in the upcoming Iron Man 2. Entertainment weekly broke photos of her in costume this week (on the cover, no less) and has great things to say about her transformation for the role.

Iron Man 2 w/Exclusive Photos [EW]

Oh, and Roland Emmerich? Is there nothing you won't blow up? Ya wanna see the whole planet go ker-flewy in a special effect laden eye-gasm? Then strap in for the disaster movie to end all disaster movies: 2012.

Recently I blogged about District 9, where about aliens coming to earth and we see a not-so-happy view of what happens next. Well, I hear now that some different (but very memorable) aliens will arrive on ABC in 2010. And I don't think they'll stay put 'cause we tell 'em to, either. A (longer) trailer for your perusal:

Until next time! Peace!

6 Responses to "BSG 4.5 DVD Release, Iron Man 2, 2012, And V"
  1. numberThirtyOne says:

    Eek! I skimmed that headline and thought BSG 4.5 dvd release was pushed back to 2010. ­čÖé I think that should read 2012? And screw anyone who doesn’t like Starbuck’s final destiny. (J/K) I didn’t love it my first time through, because it took months to play out and I didn’t have faith that all her weird behavior and mystical talk was going anywhere that made sense and was interesting. Watching it again having seen the finale, I’m actually enjoying it a lot more because as weird as it was the first time, it actually all fits together and means something.

  2. Chuck says:

    2012 = corrected. That was totally an editor (read: my) mistake!

  3. Tanu says:

    I hadn’t seen the extended trailer for V, it is so good! I’m so excited!!!

  4. DawnAZ says:

    I’m intrigues for District 9. I loved “Alien Nation” back in the day.

  5. Fenatic says:

    Pretty excited about the new V, mainly because of the casting of a few of our sci-fi favorites: Morena Baccarin, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Alan Tudyk.

  6. Casilda says:

    I pre-ordered my BSG 4.5 DVDs awhile back – I’m really excited to see the deleted scenes. As an added bonus, Bear McCreary’s BSG season 4 soundtrack is being released the same day! Woooooooo!

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