Caprica Begins Production, Snags Buffy Writer

Anxiously awaiting news on the BSG prequel series, Caprica? Jane Espenson breaks the silence with a couple of gems via Twitter: the cast gathered yesterday for the first table read, and writer Drew Greenberg (Buffy, Smallville, The O.C., Dexter) has joined the Caprica team.

In short: production has officially started on the first episode of the series. Espenson's tweet:

Day of the Big Table Read. Seriously, it's a big table.

Espenson Tweeted Greenberg's news earlier this week:

Big Caprica writing staff news. Now joining us on the staff will be... Buffy alum and all-around great guy DREW Z. GREENBERG!

Let the countdown to the Caprica premier begin!

Jane Espenson (@CapricaSeven) [Twitter]
Caprica [SyFy]

One Response to "Caprica Begins Production, Snags Buffy Writer"
  1. Rachel says:

    Ooh! As a fan of both Buffy and Dexter, I can’t wait to see what Greenberg does with Caprica.

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