The Summer Movie Season Isn’t Over Quite Yet

Hello fellow GWCers. (Hey, what the frak do we call ourselves? Coolerheads? SeaChuAud-o-philes? Followers of the Galactic Cooler?)

This is my first crack at truly blogging for all of y'all, so be gentle. I'll start with a little factoid: there are more humans at the end of BSG than there are Vulcans at the end of the new Trek movie.

Now that your noodles are baked sufficiently, let's talk summer movies. I know, I know. "But Operator," you say, "the season is only halfway through and there's still more movie goodness to come." To which I say, "I agree." Let's take District 9 as an example:

D9 Trailer 1

D9 Trailer 2

After seeing these clips I saw one overall message. In my mind, this is probably exactly how it would go down in real life. Aliens show up. They mean us no harm. What do we do? Send 'em to an internment camp and keep them there until we find out how we can make things go BOOM more efficiently.

The documentary style looks really awesome. And honestly you really can't say no to Peter Jackson. (Well, you could, I suppose. It depends on circumstances. Halo)

The big movie stuff this summer has been hit and miss for me. Trek was a high that I still am shaking my head over. Can't get over the true awesomeness that was the Trek.  Terminator was... well, things blew up, so that was cool. Beyond that... wasn't feeling it. Hangover was easily the funniest damn movie this summer. See it if you haven't. And if you go in to Transformers wanting to see cool as hell robots and things blowing up and Megan Fox looking so far past hot ...she's... wait. What were we talking about?  OH YEAH... big movies have been hit and miss.

But there are other movies out there that aren't as huge in the marketing realm that deserve to be seen as well. And as the Operator -- just wanted to share some stuff.

One is "The Hurt Locker" - I'm going out on a limb now. This is the best war movie I have ever seen. Period. Not preachy, not uber-violent, and a real story you can sink your teeth into.

The Hurt Locker Trailer

Another, is Moon. Absolutely brilliant. The acting is amazing, and Kevin Spacey is acting pretty HAL 9000-ish. (See the clip below.)

Moon Trailer

Well -- that's my first blog. Rest assured, I'll still be sending everyone the latest and greatest of what I find out there.

Stay frosty,
The Operator

2 Responses to "The Summer Movie Season Isn’t Over Quite Yet"
  1. storyknife says:

    Great post (that District 19 trailer is the best one since Star Trek).

    OT comment — How about a Share button for Facebook?

  2. Chuck says:

    @storyknife: That share button for Facebook/etc. is on its way… We’re working on it now. 🙂

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