July 4, 2009

#173: Harry Potter, Interview with Stephanie Anderson Tonks and the Aurors

This week we jump into the Harry Potter ‘verse with both feet! Highlights: we relate our getting to know ‘Potter stories, draw inspiration from Harry’s rise from a humble childhood, talk values and concepts of leadership, enjoy experiencing the awesomely tight Harry Potter fandom, wrock out to wizard rocker Stephanie Anderson’s Tonks and the Aurors, hear Audra’s take on Wood’s hotness, hear Sean’s take on his favorite ‘Potter character (Mrs. Weasley), note Fred and George’s oft-overlooked magic prowess, love our first introduction to Hagrid, relate our failure to forgive Percy, discuss the beginnings of Hogwarts’ houses, hear Sean’s anti-Hufflepuff rant, express our desire to be Aurors, ask for help in sorting Chuck into his proper house, and generally enjoy the heck out of HP!

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