May 16, 2009

#166: Leadup To Terminator Salvation

Besides getting back in the Terminator mood (just in time for next week’s new movie release!) we take a few Trek calls to wrap up the arc. (Look for our Trek bonus call show soon.) Highlights: we tackle the Terminator Salvation trailer’s take on what it means to be human, discuss various modes of time travel and how they affect characters in sci-fi stories, wonder if previous Terminators lack personality (and if dogs can sense this as well as the smell of metal), bash on Bazooka Joe gum, re-visit bras-in-space, address the Enterprise built in Iowa canyon and why Nero is bent on revenge issues, hear Chuck’s objection (as an Eve miner) to Trek’s portrayal of space miners, and discuss the new Mass Effect 2 E3 preview trailer.

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