May 2, 2009

#164: Star Trek X: Nemesis

In our penultimate Trek movie arc podcast we leap into Nemesis and get ready for next week’s Trek XI premiere! Highlights: we note the seeming popularity of Betazoid weddings (and Picard’s joy in attending one), enjoy Nemesis’ disco-friendly patent leather villian suit, discuss the strategy of firing weapons while cloaked, hear Sean’s description of Reman knives (he owns a couple), suggest there might be better tools for blood testing, recommend solid doors for villains wishing to hide their medical secrets, love the Scimitar’s cool visual design, try to remember if we’ve ever heard about Romulan money, kid about the videogame-y re-mastered HD TOS Enterprise, talk Corbomite Maneuver (read: BS ’em all!) and Ron Howard’s Trek-prolific brother, and look very, very forward to next week’s premiere!

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