April 25, 2009

#163: Star Trek IX: Insurrection

Up this week: Insurrection! Highlights: we search our memories for non-crapbag Trek admirals (and speculate on how Starfleet’s admiral training assures such uniform crapbagdom), hear Audra’s boob report (featuring Anij’s dunk in the lake, Crusher and Troi’s discussion, and Data’s mimic), wonder what else happened during Picard and Anij’s time-stop date, note LeVar’s awesomely-expressive eyes (and wonder why writers didn’t direct the Enterprise to the Baku back in, say, TNG season three or so), wonder what secret messages might be encoded in @BrentSpiner’s Tweets, discover the best way to shave, and detail Audra’s argument with Mark Sheppard regarding Icheb’s father’s dick-ness.

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