Halo On The 154 Inch “Screen”

I don’t have a big ass projection system at home. I do have some good sized TV’s here and there but my siblings and I are getting older now and our eyesight doesn’t work out as well as it did when we were all eighteen. To combat this minor factor we strung my 360 up to a set of 2.1 computer speakers, grabbed my sister’s projector and cleared a spot on the dinning room wall for a little game time.

Well, to be exact we cleared a spot big enough for a 154 inch picture - my bro and I busted out the tape measure cuz we just HAD to know. [sniff] Bragging rights being what they are and all. Yeah, it was huge. No crazy screens, theater style seating or surround sound but we did have the biggest picture any of us had ever played Halo on and that’s what counts. We are hoping to do the same thing again tomorrow for some serious game time now that we know the setup works and how to rig it up.

Ahhh, a zero dollar solution to a non-existent problem… life is good.

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  1. Boxytheboxed says:

    I wish my siblings were that cool :'(

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