Notes from GWC Meetup!

I've got so much to say about this past weekend- so for now I'll post a few things and come back later when I've slept and am more coherent... ;)

These last few days I have been surrounded by the funniest, kindest, smartest, warmest group of people in the world. People who'd never met in person were sharing jokes, finishing each other's sentences, breaking into song, and saying things all at once, like right before we watched the finale- Chuck made an announcement to everyone and said the word "crap" and about fifty people all jumped in with "craaaaaaaap." Then, laughter as everyone realized how much we were all on the same wavelength and how fun this was going to be.

I've got to follow Sean's example and do a few shoutouts - and if I don't mention you yet, don't worry, I'll be back updating soon!

Sherry (smarx) - we shared so many great stories about her current (and my childhood) home of Vancouver, WA, including Uncle Milt's Pizza and Hudson's Bay High School (my mom's and smarx's alma mater). Smarx just called from the Dallas airport to say that Aaron Douglas is on the same flight with her and David the Canadian!

Debbie (Furpey) - what a sweet lady! Also from the 'Couv, who gave everyone at the meetup specialized GWC artwork - she makes handmade stamps! And she gave us cool t-shirts from Powell's Books in Portland, OR, with Fup the Cat's Star Wars adventures written on them. Furpey is full of smiles and generosity.

Sean the Younger (Konrad) - I didn't get to talk to him a lot, but when I did this guy was hilarious, and he came all the way from Vermont to hang out with us. He also has a very cool goatee.

David the Canadian/Juan Drew/Kmehthas - What a sweet guy! bkitty describes him as a "teddy bear." David gave me a copy of his song lyrics to all his GWC music and rode with me in the convertible. He also mopped the floor with me and smarx at Halo 3.

Holly (DemolitionPlayer) - Holly is one of the most self-sufficient people I've met (along with smarx). We found her cruisin' around the mall Sunday afternoon by herself, having discovered a shuttle system that would take her around town. She is a true adventurer and enjoys exploring on her own. She came from Michigan where she plays on a women's football team - w00t!

Greta (MissMuffett) - drove from Oklahoma with a few buddies, including Jessica. Do NOT try to beat her at video trivia - she will pwn you. Even if the category is sports.

Sarah and Sharon - came down from Denver and though relatively new to the group, fell right in and brought even more smiles and kind words.

David (Uchiha Daisuke/DaVinci) - accompanied me, Beef, Stroogie, Juan Drew, Leah, Xero1, Sherry, Furpey, Emily, and Holly to the JFK Museum in Dallas. On the way he patiently answered all my questions about Salt Lake City and its intricate grid roadways. He also makes a very clever werewoof.

Joanna (Mrs. Frakkintalos) - at first appearing timid, Joanna warmed up and showed us pictures of her beautiful kids and told funny mammogram stories. We're so glad you were here with us!

More to come, including pics. For now, I have to do some work and get ready to teach some American Lit. The world slowly resumes...

8 Responses to "Notes from GWC Meetup!"
  1. bkitty says:

    It was and awesome time smothered in awesome sauce!

    My arms are sad at having no more GWCers to hug.

  2. Juan says:

    I am know known as “Juan”. So say we all! (I’ll order my dog tags with just “JUAN” on em.

  3. Audra says:

    That last comment was by the artist formerly known as David the Canadian.

  4. bkitty says:

    Or Deuce! I loves me som Juan Drew!

  5. Gryper says:

    Thanks for a great weekend Audra and all!

  6. Cami's mom says:

    Bkitty’s smile lights up my day. Wish I could have been there with you, I can’t imagine what that smile must be like up IRL. 🙂

  7. SMarx says:

    Thanks for being a big part of the best weekend ever!!! I have some extra vacation this year and I will be looking for GWCers at any location that visit. After meeting everyone in Texas, I know that everyone else on the forum will be as great and I can’t wait to meet them all!

  8. Missmuffet says:

    It’s amazing how much sports knowledge is absorbed just via osmosis…LOL
    I had such a great time at the meetup – everyone was so nice and it was awesome just to spend the weekend with other members of the “geek” tribe. Can’t wait until next year!

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