SciFi Changes Reputation Through Homonym Use

According to and Twitter, the SciFi network is finally ridding itself of its geeky image by changing its name to the slick new "SyFy," which will attract the desirable demographics of hot women and people who hate science fiction.

After years of suffering the stigma of "geeks and dysfunctional, antisocial boys in their basements with video games," SyFy's savvy new marketing scheme will move the network away from hokey aliens, outer space, and futuristic worlds to better programs like Extreme Championship Wrestling, reality shows, and cutting-edge tv movies.

When the 18-to-34 techno-savvy crowd agreed unanimously that "SyFy" was how you'd text someone if you wanted to say "Sci-Fi," the president of the network, Dave Howe, said "It made us feel much cooler, much more cutting-edge, much more hip, which was kind of bang-on what we wanted to achieve communication-wise." One network source, who refused to be identified discussing such an exciting matter, said "The SciFi network has always hated science fiction. Science, fiction, yuck. Now we can finally show our fans what we're really made of."

Experts believe the new name will launch the SciFi network, which holds a long-established reputation for having its finger on the pulse of its consumer community, into a new arena of loyal fandom. Proof: when asked whether "Syfy" sounded cooler and less alieny and spacey than "SciFi," 9 out of 10 people on the street told us to f#@% off.

11 Responses to "SciFi Changes Reputation Through Homonym Use"
  1. The Alpaca Herder says:

    Somebody put ecstasy on their cornflakes at Sci Fi Channel one morning? This does not bode well.

  2. mymatedave says:

    I salute you ma’am.

    It’s nice to see that SciFi, seeing their ratings dip after watering down their shows and putting wrestling and bad tvmovies on have finally decided go all out and openly insult their core demographic. Bravo to you SyFylis.

  3. Pike says:

    So, Skiffy is changing their name? Because it isn’t unique enough to trademark?

    Too bad there wasn’t already a name that Skiffy fans were using on, say, the Skiffy forums to deal with the confusion between the Skiffy channel and the Sci-Fi genre. Because I’m sure that Skiffy execs have their fingers on the pulse of the Skiffy audience, and would have taken such a name to heart. To do otherwise would imply that they’re just a bunch of interchangeable suits with open contempt for Skiffy viewers.

  4. Gryper says:

    I think those execs need to take their own pulse or better yet get their brains scanned for waves…What a bunch of morons. So Caprica will be the only thing I watch on that channel…if it survives this change.

  5. lestack says:

    How perfect that today is the day my editorial writing class started on “Humour writing”, and I see this plus another “Christ’s Face In Some Frakking Inanimate Object” story. SERENDIPITY! 😛

  6. 3 says:

    As an online acquaintance said, it sounds like a bad pet name for syphilis.

  7. Peter aka D034607 says:

    I vote for Psi-Phi….

  8. Sitroom says:

    I vote keep the old name and fix the line-up

  9. Brett Dewey says:

    Yeah, right.

    I think someone launched their April Fools joke a little too early.

  10. Chris says:

    How about Bye-bye?

    I thought this was a joke until I saw the branding promotion on their Web site. Weird!

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