March 14, 2009

GWC Podcast #156: BSG 4.5 Daybreak, Part 1

It’s the penultimate BSG episode! Highlights: We discuss meeting Baltar’s father and the episode’s dramatic deepening of Caprica Six and her relationship with Baltar, tear into the heady philosophical questions of what makes one human and what God is, note how each flashback shows us a key beginning that made the show’s current state possible, enjoy seeing the last time Roslin was a whole person, ponder the final moments of Cavil’s plan and the fate of Hera, and offer up some final predictions (and hopes) before the finale next week. Note: Next week’s podcast will feature a live studio audience from the GWC National Meetup!

One Response to "GWC Podcast #156: BSG 4.5 Daybreak, Part 1"
  1. Stephen says:

    I’m having trouble accessing this episode, both using iTunes and trying to download the mp3 straight from this page. iTunes is giving me a “file not found on server” error.

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