March 7, 2009

GWC Podcast #155: BSG 4.5 Islanded In A Stream Of Stars

We’re in the final countdown to the end of BSG — only two episodes left. Highlights: We wonder if Anders has become the new Galactica hybrid, try to puzzle out the meaning of the projected “betrayal house,” ponder Hera’s future, recognize the human recognition of cylon worth via a mass funeral, feel for Helo’s sad situation with Athena, enjoy Baltar’s return to Baltardom (but suspect it will end badly), realize that we should have known from the beginning the the fate of the show is tied to the fate of the Galactica, plus take some time out to discuss the latest (incredible) Trek trailer.

3 Responses to "GWC Podcast #155: BSG 4.5 Islanded In A Stream Of Stars"
  1. wacko says:

    Ok guys,

    Athena tricked Helo into sleeping with her to get pregnant by pretending to be BOOMER! Where does she get off feeling betrayed? She already knows helo can’t tell the difference.

    He is the only man in the universe that seems to be able to have a child with a cylon, there would be a line out the door to be the next one, so I put the blame Athena for not putting things in place to stop that if it meant that much to her.

    I say it that way because she should be ok with him sleeping with other models, the entire human and cylon race depend upon it. Seems ridiculously selfish to me.

  2. Pike says:

    Wacko FTW!

  3. Mikey T says:

    Oh my god!!! Could you actually talk about Battlestar Galactica?!?!?! Wow, I thought I might pick up something insightful about the last episode? Terrible… Sorry, I WON”T be back.

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