Primal Scream and Salvation

My homie David0207 sent me a link to a trailer. I viewed it. A bloodlust roar started in my gut and worked its way to my throat. My arms were pumping in the air before I knew what was happening. My head tilted up and the fury of sound escaped. Viewed from outside my body you might surmise a Klingon is passing into the next world.

Terminator Salvation is coming.

View the new trailer. Then look me in the eye and tell me this wasn’t worth the wait. Tell me this isn’t what the world needed to be whole.

I leave it to you.

Terminator Salvation [Yahoo Movies]

5 Responses to "Primal Scream and Salvation"
  1. Stroogie says:

    Chills, man. Up and down my spine. This could totally rock.

  2. frakkintalos says:

    Love the “If we stay the course, we are all dead. Dead!” line.

  3. femmephoenix says:

    Anyone else reading the official Terminator Salvation official prequel comics? Check your local comic shop…they’re absolutely positively worth the buy!

  4. Boxytheboxed says:

    It’s gonna suck 😛

  5. Fass says:

    I saw this last night while going to to see the Watchmen. All I can say is a had flippin’ chills rolling up and down my spine!! If you think it was good watching it on the computer screen you need to see it on the BIG screen! Man I cannot wait!

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