Assassination I Can Get Behind

It’s a great thing when the virtual world lines up with our own real life personalities. Playing through on Fable II the second time (slightly less angelic than my last run) my character was recruited by the Assassination Society. One of the first contracts was my favorite.

This fine pic is a death warrant. The guild wanted this menace put down… publicly. My character was only too happy to oblige. What’s her crime? Always correcting other people’s grammer. [heartfelt sigh] This is a group of people after my own heart.

It was quite a pleasure to complete the contract. Laura – and her constant corrections – were silenced on the streets of Old Bowerstone with a single shot from my augmented master pistol. I totally had a Pulp Fiction moment. Standing there with my golden pistol shining in the sun with half a dozen witnesses looking on my character shouted, “Correct my pronunciation one more frakken time.” Then kicked off the safety and fulfilled the contract.

Let this stand as a notice to all those who relish this twisted practice, your time is at an end. The uneducated, unwashed, uncouth, bastard children of bad communication skills have something for you. And we deliver… publicly.

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