February 28, 2009

GWC Podcast #154: BSG 4.5 Someone To Watch Over Me

In tonight’s BSG we get a few answers — and more questions. Highlights: we talk head character proliferation, study Starbuck’s father’s name, are down with Helo-the-guy-who-buys-back-Kara’s-stuff (and feel sorry for Helo-the-guy-who-accidentally-jumped-Boomer), analyze Head Dad, struggle with the connections between Hera’s kidnapping and Chief’s projection-daughter’s disapperance (and Roslin’s scene at the end of the show), suggest the use of ‘Boomer’ as a verb going forward, compare Tyrol’s all-fun early fling with Boomer to his more adult relationship with Cally, and enjoy a well-deserved laugh over the felgercarb toothpaste (and the incredibly odd in-your-face KFC ads). Predictions, anyone?

5 Responses to "GWC Podcast #154: BSG 4.5 Someone To Watch Over Me"
  1. Peter aka D034607 says:

    I loved the homage to the old school BSG intro music that Herr Thrace was playing with Starbuck.

  2. Eric Starcher says:

    I have 2 theories I want to point out here with this episode…

    In speaking of the Steamy restroom scene between Boomer and Helo, am I the only one that noticed…That even though, Boomer is BAD BAD ABD to the bone….she did hesitate for a fraction of a second before mauling Helo.

    I noticed this the first time watching this…thinking, maybe she does have a conscious here…but then realizing that she may have found that switch in her head that she could just turn on and off referring to her morals…or getting a job done…As she has shown here.

    I think…When Boomer said she thought that New Caprica would be a new start…she was on the side of good and reason…when she got there…

    She saw that Chief had mooved on…with Callie…I mean…look at the two of them next to each other…and that Frakked her up in the head even more.

    She had intended to go back to Chief on New Caprica and make anew…but he found him with Callie…

    as far as the adult relationship he had with Callie, he did love Callie…Callie really did love him…Or she wouldn’t have shot boomer in the first place, and she forgave him for beating the Frak out of her… that is Love right there…

    Peace out,
    Capt Eric “Heckle” Starcher
    Master-At-Arms BSG-75

  3. Vito says:

    Well, no sense in denying it any longer, Audra, I love you.

  4. Lucky says:

    One of you commented that you did not think that the “Earth” shown at the end of Season 4.0 was our Earth. However, remember that all oc the constellations were visible from that planet…and constellations will not look the same anywhere else.

    Of course, constellations will change over thousands of years…the writers missed that.

  5. Pike says:

    Lucky, What Gaeta said was “all visible constellations match” which seems to be a writer’s out.

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